Yerington Mine Site.

Yerington Mine Site

Environmental Engineering, Geochemistry, Health and Safety, Hydrology, Project Management

The Yerington Mine Site near Yerington, Nevada consists of over 2,000 acres of historic copper mining and processing facilities, including waste rock piles, heap leach piles, electrowinning facilities, process ponds, tailings ponds, and evaporation ponds. In addition to the Yerington Mine Site, there are also elevated metals and radionuclides in off-site groundwater and soils that require characterization to distinguish potential mine contributions from other non-mine contamination sources.

Copper Environmental is leading Site progression through the CERCLA process. Currently, the site is in the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) stage for the majority of the eight total operable units. Site progression responsibilities involve managing an interdisciplinary technical team from multiple different contractors to meet regulatory requirements assigned by multiple agencies. Technical needs at the site include large-scale groundwater monitoring and sampling, evaluating contaminant fate and transport in complex groundwater and surface water systems, and developing human health and ecological risk assessments. Copper Environmental provides technical expertise for the Yerington Mine Site in hydrogeology, surface water and groundwater  hydrology, geochemistry, geology, environmental engineering, and health and safety management. Additional technical expertise is supplied through Site teaming partners and subcontractors managed by Copper Environmental.

Following Site transition from the previous contractor, Copper Environmental continues to make multiple improvements that include health and safety advancements and developing Site-wide efficiencies and cost reductions.