Leviathan Mine Site.

Leviathan Mine Site

Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety, Project Management, Water Treatment

The Leviathan Mine Site is a high-elevation, inactive, open-pit and underground mine on the eastern slope of the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains in Alpine County, California. In addition to site characterization activities, two water treatment systems for treating acid rock drainage (ARD) are currently being operated at the site pursuant to EPA Administrative Orders under CERCLA authority. In 2008, a lime-addition high density sludge (HDS) water treatment system was constructed to treat ARD seepage from the western side of the mine on a seasonal basis. In addition to the HDS lime treatment system, a biochemical reactor water treatment system was constructed in 2002 to treat ARD seepage from the eastern side of the mine on a year-round basis. CEC has worked on the Leviathan Mine Project since 2006 to provide technical support, project management support, compliance assurance, and management of water treatment system operations, maintenance, and monitoring. We are currently providing management of operations, maintenance, and monitoring for both the HDS water treatment plant and the biochemical water treatment system. CEC has coordinated and managed regulatory and stakeholder interaction, and participated in active strategy development and agency negotiation related to water treatment issues, surface water quality and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies. CEC currently drafts and submits all documents required by the Administrative Order on Consent including; Removal Action Work Plan, Annual Completion Reports, Monthly Progress Reports, and Letters addressing site schedule. CEC also conducted Health/Safety/Security/Environmental (HSSE) audits on behalf of the client, which were successful in identifying and improving work site hazards and high risk behavior.