Dave McCarthy – Principal

Dave McCarthy brings 18 years experience in environmental project management to the table as the managing member of Copper Environmental Consulting. He has managed large Superfund projects, water treatment plants, soil reclamation on mining and residential properties, surface water sampling and analysis programs and Superfund site investigations and feasibility studies. Dave is also skilled in economic analysis, regulatory project review and strategy development.

Michael Mahon – Principal Engineer

Michael has more than 18 years experience as a Senior Project Manager, company  Owner/Principal and design engineer responsible for planning scheduling, and directing professional and technical staff, interaction with multiple clients/agencies and development of company business, operations and systems.  His project expertise includes civil engineering design and construction management for mine exclamation, water distribution, wastewater systems, surface management, and land development projects.

Jim Jonas – Principal Engineer/Geochemist

Jim is an environmental engineer and geochemist with 12 years of experience specializing in mining-impacted drainage characterization and remediation. His specific skills include the evaluation and oversight of water, soil, and groundwater treatment technology pilot studies, pit lake limnology and characterization, bioremediation research, multi-media sampling events, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), databases, various computer programming (VBA, php, JavaScript, MapScript, html), analytical instrumentation and methodology (ICP, IC, CVAA, GFAA, laser-PSA, CN-analyzer, field and laboratory colorimetry), and laboratory management. He has extensive experience with many commonly used analytical procedures as well as experience designing bench and pilot scale studies to evaluate the robustness of treatment technologies. Mr. Jonas served as the Chairman of the Pit Lake Committee of the Acid Drainage Technology Initiative (ADTI) from 2001 through 2005.

Mike Johnson – Senior Engineer

Mike brings 9 years of experience in a wide range of civil and mining-related engineering project management and project design. His engineering experience has included managing both the client and internal project teams on work throughout the Pacific Northwest. His technical experience includes specific detailed experience in water treatment systems, reclamation, and heavy civil infrastructure.

Don Damotte – Senior Engineer

Don has more than 30 years of professional experience in a range of civil engineering disciplines.  His roles have included program and project manager, design engineer and construction inspector.   He has experience in both public and private sectors, including more than 14 years with the State of Illinois and Eastern Municipal Water District in Southern California and more than 24 years with private engineering firms in Illinois and Nevada.

Eric Olson – Senior Engineer

Eric is a chemical engineer with 14 years of experience in process engineering, project management and plant operation. His resume includes optimization and debottlenecking of existing processes, commissioning and start-up of new facilities, troubleshooting, project design and implementation.

Andrew Slavik – Project Engineer

Andy brings over 20 years of experience in the water treatment field, including 13 years of designing, constructing, operating and maintaining water treatment plants using various technologies.  In addition, Andy is a United States Navy Certified Reactor Plant Supervisor.  He was responsible for generating design drawings, operation and maintenance (O&M) procedures, and commissioning manuals for a number of lime-precipitation water treatment systems and biochemical reactor water treatment systems.  Andy continues to specialize in  the start-up, operation, and maintenance of industrial water treatment systems.

Spencer Parks – Staff Engineer

Spencer provides technical direction on water treatment issues, including the evaluation of various mining related water treatment technologies.  He has excelled in the evaluation of solids management options for water treatment processes.  In addition, Spencer provides data management and data evaluation expertise and also serves as the HSSE Advisor on certain projects.

Mark Schaffer – Hydrologist

Mark has expertise in hydrology and water resource management.  He has 9 years of experience with monitoring surface and groundwater, modeling aquifers and open channels, measuring stream discharge, and sampling water for water chemistry.

Heather Rich – Project Administrator

Heather brings a background in accounting and administration to Copper Environmental.  She completes the company accounting duties as well as provides office management.  Heather also provides quality assurance for documents and technical reports.

Kellie Hicks – HSSE Coordinator/Trainer

Kellie brings a background in occupational safety and health as well as industrial hygiene to Copper Environmental. Kellie is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, operating, and evaluating the safety and occupational health program for Copper Environmental.