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We are currently looking to fill multiple positions in Montana, Nevada, and Colorado.

Current Openings:


Field Technician // Rico, CO

Assist on-site engineers with a variety of tasks including monitoring, operation, and maintenance of water treatment systems.
Duties will include:
• Groundwater, surface water, and water treatment system sampling and monitoring;
• Water quality meter calibrations and maintenance;
• Performing inspections of passive water treatment systems;
• Performing operations and maintenance of complex water treatment process units;
• Performing site maintenance activities such as snow removal, weed control, fence installation, etc.;
• Preparing health and safety documentation;
• Providing oversight of on-site subcontractors; and
• Performing other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
•Preferred A.S./B.S. in science related field or equivalent industrial experience.
• Preferred experience with water sampling or water treatment system operations and maintenance.
Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Working knowledge of pumps and piping, working knowledge of hazards and safety requirements of working on a hazardous waste site, working knowledge of minor equipment maintenance and repair functions.
• Skill in the operations of a variety of hand tools.
• Knowledge of health and safety rules and regulations. 40-hour HAZWOPER certification is preferred.
• Ability to work under adverse conditions.
• Ability to follow written and oral instructions; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees/contractors.
• Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Ability to use Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel).
• Must be capable of lifting 50 pounds.

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Health and Safety Professional // Mid-Level to Senior

We are seeking a mid- to senior-level candidate to lead the administration of our company safety program, including the management of safety programs across several environmental remediation sites in the western United States.  Preferred experience/qualities include: bachelor’s or graduate degree in Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Hygiene or related field; field safety experience; and the ability to learn new processes and industries.  Strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to train employees in OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER, MSHA new and experienced miner, SMITH System driving a plus.  Duties include: frequent travel to remote site locations; monitoring implementation of site specific safety programs; conducting site field safety compliance audits; conducting air monitoring when needed; assist company management on health and safety issues including, but not limited to Workers Compensation, OSHA, MSHA, near miss, injury reporting, and investigation.

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Project Administrator // Mid-Level to Senior

Copper Environmental Consulting is seeking a detail-oriented and experienced Project Administrator for our Anaconda office. Position would perform office administrative functions including but not limited to the following: bookkeeping (payroll, invoicing, and banking); timekeeping for engineers and other professionals; file system management; writing and editing business correspondence and technical reports; as well as other office management and support functions as needed.

A degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or a related technical field is required. Excellent skills in MS Office Suite and QuickBooks software are essential

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Administrative Assistant // Junior to Mid-Level

We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant to support our Senior Administrator and Project Management Staff in our Anaconda office. This position would provide general administrative and clerical support including, but not limited to, file system maintenance, data entry, technical document review, schedule coordination, bookkeeping support, office errands, as well as other office support as needed. Requires excellent organizational and communication skills, both oral and written. Must be proficient in MS Office Suite and QuickBooks.

A high school diploma plus a minimum of three years’ experience is required. A degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or a related technical field is preferred.

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Environmental Engineers // Junior, Mid-Level and Senior

We are seeking junior (i.e., internship experience or more), mid-level (3 to 8 years’ professional experience) and senior (8 years’+ experience and/or with graduate degree) candidates to assist with project management and technical support for environmental remediation projects at several mining sites across the western United States.  Preferred experience/qualities include: experience with CERCLA processes, encompassing site characterization, remedial investigation, and remedial alternatives design; communicate clearly and effectively verbally and in writing; PE Certification for mid to senior level positions, and Fundamentals of Engineering certification for junior positions; bachelor’s or graduate degree in environmental, civil, chemical or other engineering disciplines with environmental experience; experience working remotely in the field and desire to travel to remote project locations; and understanding of Federal, State (including Montana, Colorado, Nevada, California and Utah) environmental regulations.  Duties will vary depending upon qualifications, and may include: development of technical reports; summary and evaluation of environmental monitoring data; development of remedial designs and design reporting; development of AutoCAD Civil 3D design drawings; coordination with site technicians and sampling programs; and assist site sampling/technician teams in the collection of data.

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Hydrogeologists // Mid-Level and Senior

We are seeking mid-level (3 to 8 year’s professional experience) and Senior level (8 years’ + experience and/or with graduate degree) candidates to assist with CERCLA level remedial investigation, feasibility study and remedy design for environmental remediation projects at several mining sites across the western United States.  Preferred experience/qualities include: bachelor’s degree in Geology or Hydrogeology with a Master’s Degree preferred; fundamental knowledge of geologic and hydrogeologic processes; experience with conducting hydrogeologic assessments, including groundwater characterization and evaluation for environmental remediation sites; experience with the development, assessment and communication of complex groundwater modelling; development of groundwater conceptual models for environmental sites; experience working remotely in the field and desire to travel to remote project locations; and understanding of Federal, State (including Montana, Colorado, Nevada, California and Utah) environmental regulations. Duties will vary depending on qualifications and may include: development of groundwater models for various sites within various complexities; collection of field data; assist and/or manage groundwater investigation programs on-site; assist with the development of remedial investigation and feasibility study report development.

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Instrumentation and Controls Technician or Engineer // Junior to Mid-Level

We are seeking junior (internship experience or more) to mid-level (1 to 8+ years’ professional experience) instrumentation and controls technician or engineer to support our ongoing water treatment facility operations and maintenance, and environmental remediation systems design across several mining sites in the western United States.  Preferred experience/qualities include: a bachelor’s degree for Mid-Level and associates degree for Junior-level in electrical engineering; professional engineering license preferred; design of water treatment plant, and/or groundwater monitoring system instrumentation and controls systems in a project team environment with a focus on integrated, detailed system design for new plants, or modifications of existing plants; experience must include the selection of equipment, materials, control philosophy, and the preparation and assembling of calculations, specifications, and design output documents; experience with controls system design including applications for low and medium voltage distribution systems and controls for equipment including but not limited to water pumps, valves, integration with SCADA, PLC, HMI, remote telemetry and data displays.  Duties may include: work with project technical teams to operate and maintain existing and new water treatment and monitoring systems; prepare and review detailed documentation for analog and digital controls applications; interface with vendors to prepare materials and equipment purchase specifications; coordinate systems design activities to ensure design, installation, and operations will comply with specifications, codes, and client requirements; and travel and work at remote project sites as necessary.

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IT / Networking / Database Administrator // Junior to Mid-Level

We are seeking junior (internship or more experience) to mid-level (1 to 8+ years’ experience) candidates to assist with varying information technology (IT), networking and database administration within our company and for multiple projects.  Preferred experience/qualities include: bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field; experience with Microsoft Server networking products; possess an understanding of advanced network concepts (i.e., VLAN, routing, remote access); experience with telemetry and SCADA/HMI a plus; experience with network security; knowledge and understanding of Microsoft SQL database platform or similar; experience developing and implementing queries, stored procedures, triggers, load balancing, optimization, scalability, database/table replication, and security; have on-call abilities to work as needed to solve complex networking problems, possibly beyond standard work hours.  Duties may include: manage issues with IT security, backups and disaster recovery; work to ensure hardware, operating systems and database infrastructure are properly configured to support application software; perform and ensure quality and effective PC, server, and network infrastructure operations through professional maintenance as required; responsible for the overall development, performance, tuning, backup/recovery of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases; SQL security and planning; maintaining and creating user accounts for proper access; development of SQL/Server system tables; and write custom scripts in area(s) of specialty/specialties to automate various daily DBA operations.

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